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New in Blue develops comprehensive technology platforms with the power to shape the future of law enforcement — streamlining operations with a fresh approach to enhance first responder safety, bolster efficiency, provide quicker interventions, and build stronger community relationships that keep society safe.


Technology Built by Cops for Cops

Led by a retired chief of police and municipal executive, New In Blue possesses a unique understanding of the challenges that our first responders face. We have the ability to bring forward solutions that shape the future of law enforcement with emerging technologies that support new concepts of operations and enhance community relationships to drive engagement and safeguard our communities.


About Us

Our first responders are tasked daily with the welfare and protection of the public. The changing landscape, diminishing resources, and growing expectations in our country require that we too must change to meet everchanging needs. New technologies, new strategies, and continuous innovation are necessary to meet current and future demands.

Michael Wilson


Retired Chief - Keller, TX
25 years of Law Enforcement

Bobbie Sullivan

Strategic Advisor

Over 4 Decades of Law Enforcement & Investigative Experience
Commanded 4 HIDTA Regions

Robbie McCormick

Strategic Advisor

Has Worn Almost Every Hat In The Emergency Communications Center — From Front Line 9-1-1 Operator To Executive Director

James McCormick

Strategic Advisor

30 Years In Law Enforcement Working Narcotics, Investigations And Tactical Operations. Undercover Agent For HIDTA Task Force

Tony Simmons

Chief Evangelist

30 years in Law Enforcement
Retired Chief - Reno, TX
Trophy Club, TX

Mansur Plumber

Technical Advisor

30 Years In Building
Government Technology Solutions


Our solutions are compliant with state and federal reporting mandates, providing public safety agencies real-time information at their fingertips, instant data sharing across disciplines and jurisdictions, and intelligence-led responses, so help arrives faster and more prepared.



Lt. Brian Furr

Reno, TX - Parker County

We just wrote citations to multiple violators on one scene. I broke out my phone and started cutting citations. Multiple ticket writers going on one printer with no issues at all. Fantastic
Kudos to whoever added the printer list feature to the app. That is Awesome. It was so easy to switch between vehicles like we had to do yesterday


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